In a fast and furious world that is moving quicker than we are, it can be difficult to find time for skin care.  These 5 fast skin care tips from Blyss founder, Jodie King will ensure your skin keeps glowing, even when you’re about to flake out!

1. Cleanse properly

The most basic element of any skin care routine is cleansing. It removes pollutants, dirt and excess pore-clogging oil as well as prepping the skin for your products’ active ingredients to penetrate the skin and work effectively. Inadequate cleansing can account for a multitude of skin problems, including clogged skin, breakouts, skin drying out or becoming irritated.

  • Ensure that you are using the correct cleanser for the season – what works in summer may not work as the air temperature drops.
  • Always ensure that you cleanse twice at night.
  • If using a cream cleanser, ensure that you remove any excess.

JODIE RECOMMENDS: Environ’s cleansing lotion – a light cleansing lotion that maintains the skins moisture balance while lifting surface impurities

2. Use Sun Protection

SPF is not only for skin cancer protection, but to prevent skin ageing (sun damage) due to UV exposure. Sun damaged skin appears discoloured, wrinkled and loses elasticity compared to that of skin that has been protected from the sun.

JODIE RECOMMENDS: Sun protection – Aspect Hydra Shield – a light super hydrating physical sunblock packed full of antioxidants

3. Use Antioxidants

These free radical-fighting ingredients help destroy rogue molecules that attack healthy skin cells causing premature ageing. Look out for Vitamin C to help collagen production; Vitamin B3 (niacinimide) to help the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) retain moisture – protecting the skin’s barrier and healing skins that are prone to redness, flaking or acne.

JODIE RECOMMENDS: Antioxidant- Dr Aspect Multi B – prevents trans epidermal water loss for all skin types

4. Use products with Vitamin A (aka Retinol)

It’s the holy grail of all skin care ingredients! To be used at night to ‘normailse’ the skin. Vitamin A reduces wrinkles, increases the deposition of collagen slowing the ageing process, increases cell turnover to aid in the treatment of acne, strengthens and heals the skin. The list goes on. We recommend using Vitamin A from a young age for overall skin health (NB not to be used when pregnant or lactating).

JODIE RECOMMENDS: Vitamin A – Cosmedix Refine – tricks the skin into behaving its young again

5. Keep up with your essential fatty acids

They are really ‘essential’ to build up the lipid-based cell membrane that holds nutrients and water in the skin, by forming a protective barrier. Ensure your diet is high in omega 3 and omega 6 and take supplements.

JODIE RECOMMENDS: Essential Fatty Acids – you can get these in your diet from nuts, seeds and eggs. Or if you need to supplement your diet we recommend Miss Vitality’s Good Oil.

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