Acne is a complicated medical skin condition that affects approximately 85 per cent of adolescents. However, it’s not just a teen problem. 

– 30 per cent of adults between 20 and 60 are still suffering from breakouts. Research shows that only 30 per cent of sufferers consult a doctor or skin specialist for their condition.

What  are the causes ?

Skin breakouts and blackheads occur when follicles become blocked with a build up of dead skin cells, oil, dirt or makeup.

When the follicle is blocked an excess of oil accumulates and due to this ‘blockage’ is unable to drain, so bacteria grows and causes an inflammatory response in the skin.

Mild, moderate or severe acne can occur on the face, shoulders, chest or back and if left untreated can lead to scaring and even depression.

Skin care treatments ?

Acne requires us to remove the buildup of dead skin cells in able to unblock follicles. Depending on the grade of acne will determine the treatment that will be performed.

Our belief is that no one treatment works on its own. Different methods suit different people and it’s vital to manage your treatment at home in combination with your specialist appointments.

Always have an appointment with a Doctor and Dermal Clinician. Inflamed acne may require Kleresca®, a BioPhotonic treatment that kills the bacteria that causes while stimulating the repair of  scars.

During this consultation, you will be advised on diet, medication and appropriate topical treatments, as well as clinic treatments aiming at clearing your skin.

Prescriptions for antibiotic or topical preparations such as Retinol (Vitamin A1) based creams, gels or oral medication will be given at this appointment, if required and progress should be measured at 90-day intervals.


Using a high-intensity lamp with a photoconverter gel, Kleresca® safely and effectively clears moderate to severe inflamation  while stimulating the repair of scarring. In clinical trials, Kleresca®  was shown to have high efficacy with 9 out of 10 people seeing an improvement in their acne and every third person seeing clear skin.

Kleresca® treatment is the prefect alternative to strong prescription medication in the treatment of acne.

Acne Management Treatment

Once you’ve cleared acne, it’s also really important to manage your skin to prevent further breakouts.

Depending on skin condition, treatment may include Blue Light LED treatments, Peels and extractions as well as deep cleansing treatments.

Jodie’s skin basics for clearer skin:
  1. Be Disciplined – establish a regime of cleansing your skin twice a day, without fail, with the correct product
  2. Don’t Pick – avoid the temptation,this will avoid scarring. Touching your skin with unclean hands can also clog the skin further and make it worse
  3. Have regular skin treatments – even when your acne has improved. This will help to unclog the skin and keep it clear and healthy
  4. Keep Clean – this means change your towel and pillowcase regularly and don’t forget to wash your makeup brushes weekly. Bedlinen and makeup brushes are hives of bacteria.