Considering Facial Surgery?   In 2010 Australia spent in excess of $1bn on cosmetic surgery procedures. Women account for 92% of this spend. They way that your skin heals will depend on many factors, in particular how you care for your skin pre and post operatively.  This week we have put together some recommendations on how to ease some of the discomfort and speed up healing.

PRE Surgery

The healthier the skin, the faster it heals. If possible, begin prepping 8 weeks before your procedure.

Home Care – start with an Exfoliating cleanser such as Cosmedix Purity Clean to help with cell turnover, Environ C-Boost to strengthen the capillary walls, Environ AVST range containing Vitamin A for it’s ability to restore the skin and assist in repair.

In -Clinic – 3 X  Lymphobiology treatments to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin and prevent Lymph Stasis (cause of swelling)

POST Surgery

Post surgery, you can expect oedema (swelling), redness and bruising

Home Care – Environ Antioxidant Serum, aids in the relief of inflammation to calm and soothe, Cosmedix Mystic (only after removal of sutures) to hydrate and relieve the ‘itch’ associated with healing and Cosmedix Rescue, an occlusive balm for healing

In -Clinic 5 X Lymphobiology treatments to assist in reducing oedema and bruising, therefore relieving the discomfort associated with post operative oedema

LED red light therapy, uses narrow band light emitting diodes to target skin cells and accelerate wound and scar healing. LED reduces the pain at the operative site , increasing healing time resulting in greater final results We recommend 20 mins 48 hrs post surgery and 20 mins 5 days post

As well as prepping the skin, your results also are dependant on your lifestyle. You should avoid the sun, limit alcohol intake, and avoid smoking. Following a healthy diet with limited sugar will also assist in getting the best results