So why do we need a separate product for our eyes? The tissue around our eyes is different. It is more prone to dryness, more fragile, thinner and faster to show the signs of ageing and fatigue. Squinting and general facial movements such as smiling or laughing will also hasten ageing. The eye area, unlike the rest of your face, does not contain oil glands that help to keep the skin moist.This delicate area is easily prone to sensitivity when using regular skin products. Stinging, burning, oedema and milia are all common side effects of using the wrong product around the eyes.


Specially formulated eye products are created to tackle many of these issues as well as alleviate fluid build up that leads to ‘puffy eyes’ and dark circle, the result of the epidermis becoming thinner around that area and the underlying veins becoming more prominent. Eye products will hydrate the area as well as help boost collagen – a major protein found in the fibres of connective tissue. Look for ingredients such as Retinol, antioxidants and vitamin C to assist in collagen formation as well as calendula and caffeine to help alleviate ‘puffy eyes’ and dark circles. We recommend Cosmedix Opti-eye Crystal as well as Eye Genius if you prefer a lighter product. For those that love a Gel formula, Environ’s Ionzyme C-Quence eye gel is packed full of Vitamin A and antioxidants.