Our skin, particularly our face, takes the brunt of all weathers. Whether on the beach, in the snow, wind or back yard, it’s our face that’s on the front line.

The elements can cause major skin issues, such as sun burn and windburn. Here are Skin Clinic @Blyss founder, Jodie King’s tips on how to weather-proof your skin.

SPF is imperative!

The most important ingredient of all to weatherproof your skin is SPF!

Always use a good quality SPF. It does make a difference. And you must use broad spectrum (UVA and UVB). You don’t necessarily have to use the highest factor. High factor SPF often includes more chemicals. Use 15+ or 30+ but apply more often.

Reapply your SPF every 2 hours to exposed areas – make it a habit to reapply every time you stop to rehydrate (it will also hydrate skin).

Sun protection – surf and ski!

While you might think that the beach is the worst place for sunburn, being in the snow is actually worse. Snow reflects more UV radiation than water, as well as the fact that UV radiation is more intense in alpine levels than at sea level due to the high altitude and thinner atmosphere, which poses a bigger risk to burning and therefore sun damage.

How to prevent trans-epidermal water loss

Always have a water-based serum containing vitamin B to protect your skin’s barrier and prevent trans-epidermal water loss from changes in temperature, icy winds and sunburn.

Shea butter will also hydrate and as an antioxidant, it will also relieve dry or damaged skin.

How to prevent and soothe wind burn

The best way to prevent windburn is to protect your skin before it happens:

Use a balm such as Cosmedix Rescue+ under your SPF prevents water loss.

To sooth wind-burned skin, use Environ’s Hydrating Oil Capsules. They’re like medicine to a stinging dry skin. Place directly on the skin after a gentle cleanse your skin will feel revitalised and soothed.

Alternatively, a cream-based hydrating mask for 20 mins after cleansing with rehydrate and calm your skin.


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