We all love to travel, but unfortunately this can wreak havoc on our skin. Recycled air in a pressurized cabin will leave even the most hydrated skins parched, dull and lifeless. Fluid retention due to an inability to move around can lead to puffy eyes and if that wasn’t enough,  increased radiation exposure leads  to free radicals attacking your skin.

As well as all of this, stress can lead to an increase the amount of hormone the body releases which may lead to inflammation, redness and acne. Sounds great doesn’t it!!!

Our tip – travel with a ‘first aid skin pack’. You can purchase travel bottles that meet airline requirements, dispensing your non- active products for carry on luggage. Travel with clean skin makeup free, and a layer of Cosmedix Rescue +. Rescue+ not only protects your skins natural barrier function to keep out free radicals but also keeps you hydrated. Lip Balm. Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink will prevent lips from flaking and cracking (and add a little glam). Environ’s Hand and Nail cream will protect exposed limbs and add a good Antioxidant (Environ Antioxidant Gel), non greasy and calms the skin as well as hydrates. If you are flying long haul, ensure that you cleanse your skin between connecting flights with Environ’s Sebuwash and reapply Rescue+ as needed. For extra hydration, Cosmedix Mystic Hydrating spritz gives an instant refresh.plane-841441_1920

Ensure you drink lots of water (avoid the booze) and move around the cabin as much as possible . Follow these tips and you will arrive at your destination looking and feeling fabulous!!!