Christmas – It’s that time of year when our skin is about to take a bit of a bashing in terms of how we treat it! Lots of party makeup, sun, booze, late nights and indulgent foods can play havoc on your skin.  

During this season of excesses, our skin suffers all sorts of unwanted effects, such as breakouts, sunburn (if you’re lucky enough to be in the southern hemisphere!) and dryness.

While no one expects you to live like a nun over the silly season and it’s important to enjoy yourself on and have fun, there are a few things you can do to help prevent your skin from too much damage and dullness and get your glow on:

  1. If at all possible, avoid going to bed with a full face of makeup! You will wake up with breakouts. The skin cannot function properly with makeup on it and when you are sleeping, it is working its hardest to renew.
  2. Sunblock!!! Protect your skin from harmful rays to avoid burning and drying out.
  3. Hydrate! Try to drink more water than usual to flush out the toxins. Add a serum that not only hydrates the skin, but also brightens as well. Our recommendation: – Dr Aspect Multi B Serum.
  4. Revitalising treatments! Book in for ‘lunchtime’ revitalisation treatments more regularly. Two effective and quick treatments are:
    • LED, using the red light will promote collagen and elastin to rejuvenate the skin – instant plumping of the skin. For breakouts, the blue light will treat the bacteria that causes the breakouts;
    • Blueberry Smoothie Peel is a very superficial peel that will remove the build up of dead skin cells and brighten a dull-looking skin. It’s pain free and there’s no post-treatment downtime.