In an era where time is of the essence, we expect fast results and minimum upset and are turning to non-surgical skin treatments that give the best results in the shortest time possible. We don’t have time for recovery. We want great results, now!  Jodie King reveals the best “no downtime” skin treatments.

“There is definitely a big shift away from skin treatments that require ‘downtime’,” says Blyss founder, Jodie King.

“People want less trauma to the skin (but of course still with results) and a lot of the new products on the market, e.g. peptides, have become more stable which helps to reduce healing time. Improved in recent years and become less severe, resulting in “freshening” not “frozen” looks.”

Three examples of treatments that now require less downtime are:

Injectable treatments

“Injectables” are treatments used to combat wrinkles. They are muscle relaxing products, such as Botox, injected into the skin to help relax facial wrinkles, frown or worry lines; crows’ feet or laughter lines; forehead (surprise lines); ‘re-sculpting’ a square jawline, softening your appearance and preventing the grinding of teeth; and Hyperhydrosis – excessive sweating of the underarms, hands, feet and groin area.

Most of these wrinkle injectables are temporary, being eventually absorbed by the body.

Using a natural purified protein, anti-wrinkle treatments relax dynamic wrinkles, so once the muscles are relaxed, you are unable to contract them and continue to make undesirable facial expressions. As a result, lines gradually smooth and new lines are prevented from forming.

Luckily, treatment takes less than 20 minutes and lasts up to 4 months.

Dermal Fillers

As we age, we lose volume and structure in our skin due to the loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Made from a naturally occurring complex sugar, hyaluronic Acid (HA),  is able to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Dermal fillers are carefully injected beneath the skins surface to diminish the depth of facial folds and to gently restore structure and volume to the skin and lips.

Dermal filers are used to treat nasiolabial folds (nose to mouth lines); lips; cheeks – to fill out hollows; smoker’s lines; under-eye hollows; chin crease; acne/chicken pox scarring; corner of mouth for ‘drooping’ smile;  and tear troughs (hollows under the eye area).

Fillers take a little longer, up to around 30 minutes and can last 6 – 12 months.

The best thing is that there is no downtime with any injectable treatment, leaving you able to return to normal activities immediately, so they’re perfect for a lunchtime ‘pick me up’!

Thread lifts

These are becoming increasingly popular. Designed to gently elevate sagging brows, cheeks, jowls and necks, this amazing temporary treatment is a viable alternative to face lifts and fillers, in order to avoid the ‘chipmunk’ look. There is no downtime – just a little tenderness for a week or so.

After a local anaesthetic, the “threads” are inserted under the skin, and held in place by cones. No incisions are required and the procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, in clinic. Products such as Silhouette Soft® can be used as a single treatment or in combination with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle skin treatments.

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