sunUnprotected exposure to UVA and UVB rays (sun exposure)  causes unsightly hyper pigmentation and premature ageing as well as skin cancers. Much of the skin damage we see in Australia is done before the age of 20 and will start to appear on the skin in our early 30’s.

To protect ourselves against this damage, look for a broad spectrum sunblock with an SPF 15+ or more, preferably with antioxidants and vitamins to further protect and condition your skin., and reapply every 2 hours – more if you are exercising or swimming outdoors. Confused with all of the sunblocks on the market?? Hopefully we can clear the air for you…

What is the difference between SPF 15+, 30+ and 50+??

Not much!!! Don’t be fooled that an SPF of 50+ is going to be much more powerful than a 15+ or 30+. According to the Cancer Council of Australia, when applied correctly,  SPF 15+ filters 93% of UVB rays, where 30+ will filter 97% and 50+ 98% – nothing is a total block out.

Do I need to reapply my sunblock?

Most aftershaves and makeup contain some type of SPF. This is sufficient protection for everyday activities with a few minutes of sun exposure here or there. However, if you are working  or exercising outdoors or at the beach or park you will need to reapply every 2 hours, and immediately after swimming. At Skin Clinic@Blyss we recommend Environ’s RAD 15+ for everyday protection. If you are playing hard in the outdoors we recommend Aspects Envirostat30+ handsfree or if you have uneven skin tones as well as mature, sun damaged, oily or problem skin types Environ’s Alpha Day lotion SPF 15+ .


Confused??? Nanoparticles are micronized versions of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that were formulated for cosmetic reasons to avoid that white film on the skin. Sunblocks that contain nanoparticles are lighter in consistency than traditional zinc products.  There has been talk that these nanparticles cross the placenta to an unborn foetus or cause DNA damage linked to cancer. Multiple studies have shown this to be untrue and do not pose a threat to human health.

Sun protection is one of your greatest protectors against premature ageing and many sun cancers.  Prevention is better than cure!!