As our population ages, so do we. This week we have put together a few of our tips to slow down ageing, helping you to look your best for the years to come.

Cleansing – Wash your face morning and night with an appropriate cleanser to thoroughly remove dirt and make-up.  Active ingredients used in the prevention of ageing work more effectively with proper cleansing.

Exfoliate – In our 20’s, skin cells turn over every 30 days. As we get older this slows to 40 -60 days. Exfoliation keeps your skin smooth, removing dead skin cell build up and allowing active ingredients to penetrate the skin.

Hydrate – Use moisturisers and serums daily. Consider products containing ingredients such as Vitamins A + C, B and antioxidants. We recommend Environ’s AVST range.  Try to drink 2 litres of water per day.

Protection – ALWAYS use a broad spectrum sunscreen, even in winter. Reapply every 2 hours if you are out and about in the sun. We recommend Environ RAD SPF 15+ or Aspect’s Envirostat 30+

Sleep – sleeping well for as long as your body needs helps the body to repair – remember your body and skin works hardest when sleeping. Your skin will be fresh, clearer and bright.

Nutrition– Avoid consuming excess sugar.  Excess sugar in processed foods and alcohol cause glycation, in turn damaging collagen and elastin causing us to age prematurely. Try to eat foods that are unprocessed, limit alcohol consumption and eat foods rich in oleic Acid such as avocado and olive oil.