Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions

At Skin Clinic @Blyss, we understand that skin problems are very common, and affect people across all ages at any given time. All clinicians at Skin Clinic @Blyss are fully qualified and trained in the treatment and management of these skin conditions.


Acne is a complicated medical condition that affects approximately 85% of adolescents and some adults at some stage of their life. Research shows that only 30% of sufferers consult a doctor or dermal clinician / dermatologist / therapist for their condition.


Mild, moderate or severe acne can occur on the face, shoulders, chest or back and if left untreated can lead to acne scars and even depression. Skin breakouts and blackheads occur when follicles become blocked with a build up of dead skin cells, oil, dirt and makeup. When the follicle is blocked a build up accumulates and due to this ‘blockage’ is unable to drain, bacteria grows and causes an inflammatory response in the skin.

Acne Treatment

The team at Skin Clinic @Blyss are experts in the treatment of acne, as well as understanding the importance of managing this condition once the acne has cleared. Our belief is that no one treatment works on its own. This is why we recommend many modalities in your treatment plan and require you to work with us, continuing your regime at home and attending your scheduled appointments.

Initial consultations can be performed with our doctor, Dr Stephanie Hyams and a dermal clinician. During this consultation, you will be advised on diet, medication, topical treatments as well as clinic treatments options, including Kleresca (if suitable), aiming at clearing your acne. Prescriptions for antibiotic or topical preparations will be given at this appointment, if required. Progress will be measured at 90-day intervals.

Initial Consultation – Doctor and Dermal Clinician
$45 (non – claimable)

Acne requires us to remove the build up of dead skin cells to unblock follicles. Depending on the grade of acne will determine the treatment that will be performed. Initial consultations require an appointment with a Dermal Clinician. Persistent or inflammatory acne may require Kleresca® or prescription medication.

From $110

Kleresca® is a Bio-Photonic treatment that uses a multi-wavelength LED light combined with photoconverter gel to kill bacteria and initiate acne scar repair. In clinical trials, Kleresca® demonstrated high efficacy with 9 out of 10 patients seeing an improvement in their skin and every third person reaching clear skin in moderate to severe acne, with long lasting effects.

Treatment is administered twice a week for six weeks, with treatment taking approximately 20 minutes. Kleresca® is a safe and highly effective alternative to prescription medications for moderate to severe acne for all ages, with little to no downtime and noticeable results after treatment number 6. Skin Clinic @Blyss was one of the first clinics in NSW to take on this revolutionary new treatment.

Call us on (02) 9664 8011 to enquire if you are suitable for Kleresca®

Treatments: Peels, IPLKleresca


Changes in our skin are the most visible signs of ageing. Skin ageing is influenced by many factors including ultraviolet radiation (sun exposure), excess alcohol consumption, smoking, environmental pollution, genetics, stress and poor nutrition.


As we age, skin cell turnover slows, skin becomes thinner and starts to lose its elasticity. Skin becomes uneven, showing signs of pigmentation, age spots, lines, enlarged pores, textural changes and wrinkles as well as a sallow appearance. The good news? Skin has an amazing ability to repair and regenerate.

While we cannot make you look like you’re in you 20’s again, with a home care regime of Vitamin A, AHA’s, antioxidants and a quality SPF as well as in clinic treatments, we can improve your skin’s appearance. The clinicians, nurses and doctors at Skin Clinic @Blyss have many years of experience in the treatment of ageing, with a full range of treatments and home care on offer.

Treatments: Peels, IPLVitamin infusion, LED, Needling


Rosacea is a skin condition that affects mostly light-skinned adults between the age of 30 and 60. It is characterised by permanent redness, small pimples and noticeable blood vessels affecting the cheeks, nose, chin and sometimes the forehead.


The cause of rosacea is unknown and there is no permanent cure, but we are able to manage the condition and improve the appearance of the skin. Some researchers and dermatologist believe that people that suffer from rosacea have a sensitivity to the Demodex Folliculorum mite, a microscopic mite that inhabits the pores of the skin. Symptoms can often become worse with age and pregnancy but with a proper rosacea treatment plan and avoiding known triggers, we are able to improve the appearance of this condition.

Skin Clinic @Blyss are experienced in the treatment and management of Rosacea, with our Director Jodie King having a special interest in rosacea.

Treatments: Peels, IPLLED


Your skin gets its colour from melanin. When pigment cells (melanocytes) become damaged or unhealthy, melanin production is affected. This can cause hyper pigmentation. Hyper pigmentation is a darkening of the skin, with recent studies reporting that uneven skins caused by pigmentation can visually add up to 12 years to our perceived age.


This uneven skin tone can be a smattering of freckles all over to patches of darker areas and can have many causes, all which require varying skin treatments. The main cause of hyperpigmentation is sun exposure. This is the bodys way of protecting itself, and the easiest to treat.

Products containing Vitamin A, AHA’s and niacinamide as well as Vitamin C and a quality SPF are our first line of defence and work best. In clinic treatments such as peels and IPL will move the pigment fast. Melasma, also known as chloasma, is a hormonal related pigment caused by pregnancy, hormonal supplements or the birth control pill. Melasma is an irregularly shaped pigment that is often more of a ‘block’ of pigment than a ‘smattering’. This type of pigment is a difficult condition and requires patience to treat. PIH or Post – Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is often caused by inflammation or injury to the area and is most common in a darker skin type. Treatment is to encourage the damaged skin to ‘turn over’ using exfoliation products.

Treatments: PeelsIPLVitamin Infusion Treatments, Cosmelan


Scars are indentations in the skin that occur after a trauma to the skin such as acne, surgical incisions, burns or trauma.


Scarring can cause distress for those affected. While it is not possible to remove all scarring, significant improvements can be obtained by using the skins natural healing processes. At Skin Clinic @Blyss, we offer a number of treatments to improve the appearance of unsightly scars over the face and body.

Treatments: Peels, IPL, Skin Needling.



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