We may have one of the best climates living in Australia, but with that comes the effects of sun damage on your skin. Caring for your skin correctly as well as daily sun protection can slow down the visible signs of ageing. What worked in your 20’s probably won’t cut it in your 40’s and 50’s. We have put together a few tips on how to care for your skin as we age.


Fighting acne can be a number one priority with one of the biggest issues being hormonal breakouts.

Our tip: use an antibacterial cleanser morning and night such as Environ Sebuwash ($41), and a light moisturizer containing Vitamin A and antioxidants (AVST 1 $84) or Cosmedix Simply Brilliant ($72.60) – and don’t forget your SPF. For those that prefer something light and fluid, Cosmedix Reflect ($72.60) should be your go to.

Treatments: for  breakouts and textural concerns, salicylic peels to treat congestion and breakouts From$120;


Fine lines and wrinkles are beginning to appear as well as a more uneven skin tone. In our 30s we are using more elastin and collagen than we are producing, especially if you are a smoker or sun worshipper. Rosacea sufferers will see an increase in the ‘redness’ and pore size of the skin.

Our tip: step up your use of Vitamin A. Cosmedix Define ($99) contains Malic acid, Tartaric acid and Lactic acid to exfoliate and Retinol to normalize skin cell function + Sunbloc, sunbloc, sunbloc!!

In clinic treatments: IPL (intense Pulsed light) treats an uneven skin tone while boosting collagen production ($320). Cosmedix Timeless and Benefit Peels are dermal peels that remodel the skin. These dermal peels will have a brightening and renewing effect on the skin while dramatically reducing the appearance of ageing;


A busy lifestyle may be catching up you’re your skin. Wrinkles and age spots have set in, skin may be seeing the start of a loss of elasticity and sagging. Excess alcohol, sun, caffeine and a poor diet (especially one high in sugar) can wreak havoc on your face. Small benign skin cancers may begin to appear. Skin cell turnover slows down from around 28 days to 40 – 60 days, giving the skin a dull appearance

Our tip: you should be using a quality retinol every night, Environ Retinol fr$118 as well as an exfoliating product, Cosmedix Defy ($79.20) and a Vitamin B as well as Sunbloc, sunbloc, sunbloc!!!!

In clinic treatment: we recommend carrying on what you did in your 30s, but stepping it up with the addition of regular maintenance treatments such as a Medifacial ($220) and LED treatments ($90). Some people may like to take the path of anti-wrinkle treatments to “freshen up”. We also recommend the Silouhette Thread Lift for those who aren’t ready for a face lift but ‘sagging of the jowls’ is a concern;

50s and beyondBeauty at any age

By now most of us are showing signs of or experiencing the BIG M (menopause). Skin becomes rougher and drier, pores become larger and skin starts to lose more elasticity due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Lines become deeper and wrinkles more pronounced. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world!!

Our tip: the use of Retinols and exfoliating products should continue. We recommend the addition of antioxidants and Vitamin C for hydration and brightening

In clinic treatment: the use of fillers at this stage is beneficial as this gives support to the face, you may be the perfect candidate for a liquid facelift performed over several treatments. Regular skin treatments such as peels, IPL, Medifacials and LED treatments will promote cell turnover as well as the stimulation of collagen and elastin.