Summer is here and we want everyone to enjoy it to the max, and make beautiful memories. Beach days & BBQ dinners for everyone!
At the Skin Clinic, Clovelly, we don’t want to say summer is our skins arch nemesis. We need our Vitamin D. However, we do need to make a big effort to protect ourselves.

We all know the serious damage the sun can do to our health, the health of our skin and our skins ageing process.

In summer increased heat and humidity can cause our skin to sweat, leaving you more prone to breakouts, congestion and enlarged pores. Even if you don’t usually have acne, most people experience congestion and bumps under the skin in sweltering temperatures. This is due to a skin condition known as acne mechanica,. This is acne that can be caused by skin contact with certain ingredients in cosmetics, germs, bacteria, items like phones, increased outdoor activities and pollutants. Its not actually sweat that causes breakouts, it’s sweat mixed with excessive oil, as well as dirt and bacteria.

Here are the facts

A pore is essentially the pathway for oil to reach the skin. At the bottom of the pore is a sebaceous gland or oil gland, which make sebum to help keep skin moisturised and protected.  Over active sebaceous glands causes excessive oil production.

It is a common myth that the sun heals acne. It actually makes it worse. As your skin darkens and/or turns red from the sun it makes any breakouts that you already have blend in.
What is actually happening is the sun is drying out your skin, causing your sebaceous glands to over produce more sebum as a defence mechanism thus causing more acne.

Excess exposure to sunlight damages the collagen in the skin ultimately reducing elasticity as well, which in turns leads to increased pore size.

What can we do?

We recommend visiting your dermal clinician to accurately assess your skin condition through Visia consultation.

Use an antibacterial cleanser with salicylic acid and tea tree oil which will clean and exfoliate your skin. Salicylic acid has a bottle brush effect in the pores ensuring a deep thorough clean.
We recommend Environ B active sebuwash.
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Do not overwash skin or use harsh chemicals such as soaps or benzoyl peroxides which strip your skin causing your sebaceous glands to retaliate and over produce.

Use a good quality sun screen with light reflecting formulas to minimise heat absorption and pore clogging.  We recommend Environ Alpha Day Lotion 15+.

Use a mineral make up to avoid masking skin and trapping heat. We recommend the Jane Iredale range (ask for Lynn, she is the ‘colour match extraoidinarre).

This summer for sun protection with a touch of colour, we are loving Colour Science Tint de Soleil. It is a light weight chemical free sunscreen with an anti oxidant rich formula which protects skin and gives sheer foundation coverage, while providing nourishing vitamins to improve the overall skin health.