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My teenage son had rapidly developed acne over the last year. It was hard to see a confident and happy child be so negatively affected, both physically and mentally, by his skin condition.

He was having steam and extraction treatments at Skin Clinic@Blyss which was relieving the condition somewhat. However when this revolutionary Kleresca treatment became available, I was very keen to try it.

My son actually quite enjoyed the treatment session. He found it relaxing. The technicians at Skin Clinic@Blyss were excellent. Gentle, professional but also very understanding to this delicate condition. They made him feel at ease. I was pleased as it meant I didn’t have to force him to go. Teenage boys aren’t always so amenable!

The treatments were explained to us at Skin Clinic@Blyss in great detail, with information of what we could expect week by week.

After each session we were told he might find he got a bit of a tan. He did slightly but that actually made his skin look healthier.

We were also told that we wouldn’t see an immediate improvement, but in fact we did. The deep painful spots became less inflamed and didn’t recur. He continued to get done surface pimples but they also were less red.

We are now at the 18 week point. He still has follow up treatments and extractions but we are extremely happy with the results.

He’s not spot free but the fact that the inflamed deep spots are now a rarity is a wonderful result.

The biggest change I have seen in him is his confidence and increased self esteem. That’s a massive bonus!

I will be more than happy to invest in this treatment whenever needed (maybe once a year to eighteen months) to keep his acne under control. 

I highly recommend having this treatment at Skin Clinic@Blyss. In fact I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


I have been a client of  Skin Clinic@Blyss since it’s inception.  I have found the standard of treatments to be unsurpassed, especially with regard to skin care.  The staff are all highly qualified and operate in a totally professional manner without losing the personal touch.  It is a testament to all of them that in all that time (at least 19 years) I have not gone elsewhere, even when they have been closed over xmas!  I would not hesitate to recommend them (and have done so many times in the past).

Beverly Sacks
CEO, Quadrant Consulting

I first became a client at the Skin Clinic@Blyss 3 years ago for acne. As a teenager I had suffered severe acne and was under the care of a dermatologist having had two courses of roaccutane. As an adult it returned in a milder form and I was left with scarring. As a male, I was apprehensive but was made feel very relaxed immediately. The staff are all very knowledgable and seem to have a particular interest in the treatment of acne. My first appointment was a thorough consultation process and I was asked about previous treatments, medication, diet, lifestyle, pictures were taken and I was recommended treatments and home care – all explained in detail. Three years later my acne has cleared (except for the odd breakout) and the girls have also improved my scarring. I would not hesitate recommending this clinic to anyone suffering acne. I have never felt rushed and the expertise is far beyond anything that I have experienced.


I have been a client of Skin Clinic@Blyss, wow I just realised it must be thirteen years. I can honestly say I have always received exceptional service and treatments which are always conducted in a professional manner, plus the girls are so gorgeous and welcoming! Importantly for me, they always help me choose the right treatments to keep my skin looking its best, and will advise me honestly if I ask about a treatment option which they do not believe is right for me, I really believe they care!

I have had the pleasure over the years of witnessing first-hand the length’s Jodie will go to keep one step ahead in terms of equipment, procedures and products – she is not frightened in making changes if it means improving the quality of her treatments and results; this in turn means she regularly invests in new technology and up to date staff training, which it is worth mentioning, they all get very excited about – it’s contagious!

I so look forward to my appointments as I am always nurtured and made to feel special – it is like visiting friends. Jodie and her staff approach beauty therapy in an exciting and holistic way, and by keeping abreast of an ever evolving profession. I have total confidence in the knowledge of Jodie’s qualifications and the training of her staff. Every member of the Skin Clinic@Blyss and go the extra mile, ensuring I leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and fully advised on the treatments I have received. It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend Skin Clinic@Blyss results, quality, and cutting edge treatments by professional, well trained, friendly, and experienced staff.

Louise Jones

I have had the pleasure of being a client of Skin Clinic@Blyss for 18 years. During this time, the team at Skin Clinic@Blyss have always provided excellent care and advice in all aspects of skin care to me. In my opinion, the techniques that the team practices and the services offered are unparalleled in the market place. Jodie and her team are abreast of the latest and best advancements in skin care and this is reflected not only in their treatments, but in the high level of professional advice they offer me. Over the years, I have referred friends and colleagues to Skin Clinic@Blyss, and will continue to do so with confidence. In fact, my 14 and 16 year old children are now satisfied clients of Skin Clinic@Blyss.


I have been a regular of Skin Clinic@Blyss since the age of 17, more than half my life!!!  It is my home away from home.  The girls are brilliant – always a step ahead of the industry. Over the years as my skin has changed from teenage hormones, pregnancy and now ageing, they know how to keep me looking my best (and youngest).  I would not go anywhere else and have total trust in their expertise and knowledge.


I suffered melasma after my 2 pregnancies and visited the clinic when they moved to my area. The space is amazing and so warm and welcoming. During my initial consultation I felt 100% at ease. I was explained my condition, recommended home care and a plan to improve my pigmentation. I have had two visits and have seen some changes in my skin. I know that this will be a long term commitment and am more than happy to be under the care of this clinic.

Queens Park

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