Ellansé belongs to a class of fillers called Bio-stimulants and like their name suggests, they ‘stimulate bio’. In practical terms, this means these stimulants generate more living tissue when used over time.

So, how does this help you?

Let’s use an analogy for this. Imagine something that sits in between your pillow case and your pillow. Imagine then, that this ‘thing’ increased the thread count of your pillow case the longer it sits there. Stay with me here. Imagine then, that if this ‘thing’ was placed inside the pillow, that it created more pillow volume. This is exactly what Ellansé does.

Unlike other fillers that just sit there, Ellansé can generate more collagen in the skin or in the fat pad over time, depending on how deep the product is placed. Regular filler simply doesn’t have this ability, and neither do anti-wrinkle injections. This is important because with age, our skin and our fat pads thin out because they produce less collagen to replace worn out collagen. Ellansé helps reverse some of this collagen ‘burnout’ to give you a natural, youthful result.

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