Today we have a very nagging blog that unfortunately proves Mum knows best. All those times we were asked if we had washed our faces, being in trouble for leaving our faces on the hand towels and even our pillows! Well unfortunately, the madness must stop, by this I mean the leftovers from rushed or improper cleansing.

So why is it so important to cleanse? Here are the cold hard facts in black and white:

The world is dirty. Your skin is covered in a layer of dead skin cells – we shed about 50 million of these everyday, bacteria, pollutants, viruses, makeup, oil and dirt. That layer will continue thickening if you don’t wash your face. Cleansing rids the skin of antigens (tiny little invaders) while providing our skin with much needed hydration. This is why it is important to use a moisturiser or serum after cleansing to seal in hydration.

Our skin has a waterproof barrier that protects us from the dirty, dangerous world around us. This is accomplished in part by the production of oil called sebum. Sebum is produced by tiny sebaceous glands that exist midway down the shaft of our hair follicle. As sebum travels up and out of the follicle it mixes with sweat and skin cells migrating up the follicle. Upon reaching the skins surface, this mix now joined by other lipids known as linoleic acid spreads out and hardens, forming an armor like coating that helps prevent bacteria and other invasive agents from penetrating the skin. However, when external dirt builds up or there is increased production of oils or skin cells, blockages can occur in the follicles. The mix of sebum, sweat and dead skin cells push up against the blockages and grow larger, once bacteria arrives on the scene inflammation occurs, and you’ve got acne.

Now that we have established that we need to wash our faces, how to we go about it. Who thinks a soapy lather, followed by a scrub,  an old washcloth and a quick towel dry works? Maybe for your car. We wouldn’t recommend it for your face. Firstly soap is out. The skin on your face is a lot different to the skin on your armpit. Soap is alkaline and strips the skin of it’s protective barrier. Double cleansing morning and night is sufficient for most people, but if you have very oily skin or work out we recommend a gentle cleanse after this. Please do not rub sweat into your face with a towel. When drying your face try not to use the same towel as you use on your body. Using an exfoliating treatment serum after cleansing is also recommended to give those pores an extra clean out.

Why do we need to double cleanse?

Nowadays we are using long lasting makeup that boast 12 or even 24 hours of staying power. This combined with built in sunscreens give staying power. We do need to do an initial cleanse to clear all of this and the days pollutants, think of it like knocking the mud off a pair of boots.
It’s not all about removing the dirt and oil, also about softening the skin so that subsequent ingredients are properly absorbed.
When applying active ingredients to your skin in order to get best results from them clean skin is a must.
Studies have proven that people who perform a thorough double cleanse get better results from active ingredients than people who do a quick wash and go.

Face wipes – yes they are convenient, just as convenient as late night drive through maccas. We all feel great after that! Face wipes are in no way a substitute for washing your face.

What are face wipes?

Most wipes are saturated with chemicals that allow for easy removal of make up, which means they leave chemical residue on your skin. When rubbed around your face they actually smear dirt, make up and bacteria into your pores. Along with all the chemicals, which also contain parabens and alcohol. This may lead to irritation and removing that protective sebum on your skin.
These wipes are also formulated with an 18 months shelf life and beyond. In order for this to be possible and to prevent these moist towels from growing fungus and other bacteria’s, they contain high levels of preservatives, alcohols and anti bacterial agents to keep them “fresh” for consumer purposes.
These chemicals cause premature ageing. This combined with the physical act of wiping which is dragging the skin especially around the eye area back and fourth, make for nasty long term effects.

Those are the facts. Again, I am sorry for being a finger wagging nag for today’s entry.

The moral of the story is, if you want to get the best results from your skin care routine, then you need to make sure you are starting from the beginning with a clean slate, clear the canvas so to speak.

Come and see us for some personal cleansing solutions to suit your skin type and condition.