It’s just as important to look after your skin in winter as it is in summer. Don’t be fooled into thinking that cooler temperatures mean you don’t need to moisturise. In fact, as the temperature drops, so does the moisture level in your skin.

Here are Blyss Skin Clinic founder, Jodie King’s dos and don’ts for winter skin care to keep your skin in top condition all year round.

Jodie’s 5 Common winter skin care mistakes 
  1. Too hot a shower (and probably too long) – During winter there is such a lack of moisture in the air, standing under a boiling hot shower can strip the skin, sapping more moisture from already dehydrated skin.
  2. Not wearing an SPF – UV rays can do damage all year round, not just in the summer, so make sure you wear broad spectrum SPF all year round.
  3. Using the same skin care in winter as you would in summer – The skin changes as the seasons change, so you should change your skin care, such as changing from a gel to a cream cleanser; adding a moisturiser over your serum or using a more moisturising foundation (as well as a different shade). What was working in the warmer months probably won’t work in the cooler months.
  4. Using the wrong moisturiser or too much moisturiser. If you’re prone to acne and feeling tight and dry, applying a thick moisturiser is going to cause breakouts. As is applying too much product. The skin can only absorb so much, so excess product will sit on the surface of the skin and clog pores (and waste your money!). If your skin is dry and nothing you use seems to do the trick, try using a balm. Balms work by occlusion – preventing trans-epidermal water loss, which is a huge contributor to dehydration and dryness in the winter months.
  5. Not enough exfoliating. Don’t forget to exfoliate to increase cell turnover. You don’t need to use harsh scrubs, but a gentle cream-based AHA that increases cell turnover while hydrating will ensure that your makeup glides on smoothly and your skin stays peachy!
General recommendations for winter skin care
  1. Be diligent, keep up your skin care routine even when you just want to snuggle into bed and keep warm.  Layer your product – use a serum under your mask and sleep in it for a more intense treatment (making sure you wash it off in the morning).
  1. Don’t forget your professional skin clinic treatments. A professional skin clinic will help you replace lost moisture by prescribing specific treatments and giving you more intense treatments than you can get for home use.
Top product recommendations for winter skin care
  1. For dehydrated skin or skin that can be oily, but flake in the cooler months, I recommend using a water-based serum such as Dr Aspect Multi B serum. Containing Niacinimide, Multi B protects the skins barrier to prevent trans epidermal water loss and help the skin’s barrier to function properly. A light moisturiser such as Cosmedix Emulsion used on top of this can help hydrate further.
  2. For drier skins: Give drier skins more TLC and use a water-based serum such as Dr Aspect Hyaluronic Serum or the Multi B combined with Cosmedix Rescue+ balm to ‘seal’ in the moisture.
  3. For exfoliation: Exfoliate with a cream-based triple hydroxy acid product such as Cosmedix Defy, a gentle but rich treatment that exfoliates while hydrating.
  4. For extra hydration: Try a cream-based mask that you can leave on over night for that little bit extra. Don’t forget the eyes:  Specific eye treatments for the neglected eye area help to ensure that you prolong those nasty crow’s feet.

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