How to age well

Ageing – it’s inevitable, but we can restore and repair to rejuvenate the skin. We age in cycles of 8-10 years and depending on lifestyle factors and genetics, our face starts to show signs of ageing, on average at about 32 years old in the form of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

So, how do we age well?

In your 20s

Fine lines and wrinkles may start to appear and early signs of sun exposure in the form of pigmentation may become more noticeable.

Now is the time to start on a retinoid product of an evening and SPF religiously (even on cloudy days) – this will reflect how you age in your 40s and 50s.

Recommended in-clinic treatments: If you have any leftover acne scarring from your teenage years, treatments such as medical or RF needling, peels or lasers are great. Light lactic peels and LED will get you glowing skin and help with cell turnover.

In your 30s

Continue on with your Retinols AND SPF. Fine lines and wrinkle as well as an increase in pigmentation will become more noticeable and for some, the signs of skin laxity in the lower face has started.

Recommended in-clinic treatments: Implement consistent skin treatments (it’s like going to the gym) that include no downtime peels, which help increase cell turnover, while a course of IPL will even out pigmentation and/or Ultraformer, for tightening and lifting sagging skin.

In your 40s

Four decades of sun damage and certain lifestyle factors will have an effect on volume, due to the loss of fat and bone. Skin conditions such as rosacea will be evident in those that suffer from the condition and skin will start drying out. Increase the retinols (if your skin tolerates it), SPF and AHA/BHA as well as antioxidants, to improve collagen quality, which will improve treatment outcomes.

Recommended in-clinic treatments: Skin tightening treatments using Ultraformer can stimulate collagen and give a lifting and tightening effect. RF needling and C02 laser will improve skin texture and tone and the use of fillers will replace volume loss.

In your 50s

You will notice a loss of hydration and your skin cell turnover slows – a lot. Your homecare routine should be a cocktail of retinols, AHA/BHA, antioxidants and SPF

Recommended in-clinic treatments: To treat textural concerns and unevenness caused by pigmentation and sun exposure, laser treatments are your best friend. Continue with 6 or 12 monthly lifting treatments (Ultraformer) and this is the decade of less Botulinum toxin. Choose filler to replace volume loss instead (so you don’t end up looking like a freak).

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