Am I using the correct skincare product for my skin type?

There are a few considerations when it comes to purchasing the right skincare for you. 
  1. Your skin type (not your friends). What works for oily skins can play havoc on a dry or sensitive skin. All ingredients will affect skins differently. It’s always a good idea to seek professional advice for the right prescription 
  2. Skin concerns. What are your main concerns with your skin?? Ageing, acne, congestion, pigmentation or general skin health. 
  3. Lifestyle. This is a big consideration when prescribing skin care. Do you have an active, outdoors lifestyle? Do you live in a humid climate? All of this will affect how your skin functions. This will also have an effect on how ingredients work. Not all ingredients are suitable for all lifestyles and climates
  4. Current treatment plan for inclinic treatments. Are you considering skin peels or laser treatments?? Depending on your skin type, you may need to prepare your skin for these treatments to prevent adverse reactions
  5. Other product that you are using – not all ingredients play nice together. What other product are you using on your skin? Some ingredients don’t play well together and can lead to skin reactions or upset the formulations
  6. Do you suffer from any medical conditions? Are you on any medication? Do you suffer from any conditions such as rosacea, melasma, eczema or psoriasis or are you a true reactive/sensitive skin. You want to avoid a flare up on your journey to clear glowing skin. Know what ingredients these skin conditions don’t tend to like

Give your product time (this means patience) to work and the skin to adjust to  new ingedients  . We like to measure everything in 90 day cycles. This gives your skin time to purge and for your skin to start showing results.

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