How to pick the best laser treatment for you

Different Skin Treatment Lasers
Not all lasers are the same. Lasers are characterised by wavelength and pulse width, with wavelength referring  to the absorption of selected targets within the skin, for example melanin (brown spots) or redness. The longer the wavelength, the deeper the laser penetrates, while pulse width of a laser is the rate or speed at which the beam of light is delivered to the target, with brown spots (melanin) requiring a faster rate than redness which requires a longer rate. This is why more than one laser may be required to treat your concerns and why one laser will not treat all conditions.

The Different Skin Treatment Lasers

Insta-Glow – Laser Genesis

The lunch time laser treatment. The ‘super facial’ that gives no downtime – just glow. This laser ‘facial’ uses a 1064nm wavelength – the target being water molecules within the collagen layer in the dermis, to gently heat the dermis, boosting collagen production, improving fine lines and wrinkle as well as rosacea. No downtime, no pain.

BBL – Broad Band Light

While BBL is not really a laser, we have added it as it has a similar mechanism of action on the target. This treatment is great for sun damage, brown spots (freckles), rosacea and general photo-rejuvenation. The target depends on the filter used – for example a 515nm will target brown spots and pigmentation and a 560nm haemoglobin AKA blood or redness in the skin. Brown spots will darken immediately after treatment and slough off over the next 3 – 5 days to reveal clear healthy skin. This is our particular favourite to treat rosacea.

No downtime, Pain 3/10.

PDL – Pulsed Dye Laser

This is laser that uses a 595nm wavelength and targets redness in the skin, especially good for large vessels on the side of the nose. These lasers are now being explored for scarless skin cancer treatments as a combination therapy for Basal Cell carcinomas (BCC) and Squamous Cell Carcinomas (SCC).

No downtime, Pain 4/10.

Erbium Laser

Also known as a cold laser, Erbium uses a 2940nm wavelength to target water in the skin, vaporising the superficial skin tissue in a controlled manner. Erbium laser is suitable for mild to moderate wrinkles, superficial pigmentation.

Downtime 2 – 5 days, Pain 3/10.

Fractional C02 Laser

This is the best laser to treat deeper lines and wrinkles, acne scars, severe sun damage, scars and general skin texture issues. Using a 10600nm wavelength – the target being water within the dermis, we are able to control the depth that this laser penetrates. Fractionated C02 creates micro channels into the skin, heating the tissue in these columns that leads to fibroblast and collagen remodelling.

Downtime 3 -14 days depending on the condition being treated, expect heat within the skin for 1 -2 hours post treatment and swelling for 1 -10 days depending on the treatment intensity.

Laser & BBL Treatments at Skin Clinic Blyss

Our Laser & BBL treatments can repair pigmentation, rosacea and acne as well as reduce scarring and wrinkles while improving skin texture and skin tone. These advanced light based therapies are performed by our highly skilled and experienced dermal therapists, clinicians, Nurse and Doctor after a detailed consultation. See Our Skin Treatment Menu.

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