Here at Skin Clinic Blyss, we know that each face we treat is unique, special and has its own story to tell. In our first edition of Skin Stories, we are telling the story of long-term client and friend of the clinic, Paloma Rose. Paloma is an inspiring advocate for social causes and caring for each other and the earth compassionately. Palomas skin journey tells a story of commitment, trust and loyalty.

Skin Clinic Blyss client Paloma

Embarking on her journey with Skin Clinic Blyss back in 2021 after being recommended by a client of her own, Paloma has trusted Jodie to care for and treat her skin since.

“It has been incredible and transformative. From the moment I met Jodie, I loved her, she is direct, so knowledgeable, gives you solutions to all your skin problems then fixes them! I go to her for big treatments that fix my problems such as pigment, brightness, fine lines, redness, then my day to day at home that she prescribes me is very simple which I also love.”

For Paloma, results are paramount. Her disdain for inefficacious treatments led her to cherish Jodie’s no-nonsense strategy in skin — see the problem, create a plan, and execute. No fluffiness as Jodie would say. This results-focused approach kept Paloma returning to the clinic, assured that her skin was not just being treated but truly transformed.

“I’ve been to many great and well know skin specialists, but I’ve never got the results I’ve had with Jodie, she gets in there and gets it done! I love her straight forward approach, telling me what I need then making a plan.”

Paloma receiving LED treatment from dermal clinician Jodie

Both Paloma and Skin Clinic Blyss share a commitment to sustainability, a reflection of their mutual dedication to responsible business practices. This alignment is crucial for Paloma, who views sustainability as a non-negotiable aspect of her personal and professional life. Through the Sustainable Salons initiative, they ensure that their operations contribute positively to the environment, turning salon waste into a resource rather than a liability.

“To care for the earth and be a responsible business owner is in line with my personal and business values. It’s non-negotiable. With so much to lose, there really is no option in my opinion. I love sustainable salons and the way they assist us in repurposing our waste!”

Paloma receiving facial treatment from dermal clinician Jodie

We were lucky enough care for Palomas skin as she began to bring new life into this world. As exciting as this is, it was time to shake up the treatment plan to ensure we were caring for Palomas skin as best and safely as we could. Paloma was switched to a course of medical needling, a procedure that creates tiny wounds in the skin to stimulate collagen and growth factors under the skin.

“My skin has actually been ok. I. mean fine lines are a little more visible. The treatments I can do are limited, I have been doing medical needling every 6-8 weeks throughout my pregnancy, I love the glow I get from it, and I know the benefits on collagen production and it’s the most hardcore treatment I can do pregnant. I can’t wait to do (Radio Frequency Needling) again, once I have given birth, then once I have finished breastfeeding hahaha”.

Paloma receiving Skin pen treatment from dermal clinician Jodie

Understanding the true commitment to both in clinic treatments and homecare, Paloma has adhered to a routine of skincare to maintain her in clinic results.

“I’ve just moved onto a cream cleanser now that the weather is cooler which I am loving, I use a vitamin B after morning and night, at night I alternate this with my night time antioxidant serum and moisturiser. Everything to neck and face!”

Skin Clinic Blyss client Paloma trying different skin care products

Beyond her skin, Paloma stands as an advocate for various causes, driven by a profound empathy and a desire to use her platform for good. As an influential businesswoman in the beauty industry, she sees her role as not just about leading in business but also in setting a progressive example for women worldwide.

Paloma checking flawless skin in mirror

Paloma and Jodie, both powerful women in their respective rights, continue to inspire and highlight the profound impact women can have in leadership roles across all sectors.

Skin Clinic Blyss is proud to look after the skin of such an inspiring, positive and up-lifting person like Paloma. Her journey at Skin Clinic Blyss has been as impactful as she is.

Skin Clinic Blyss client Paloma sitting with Dermal Clinician Jodie

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