Cosmedix skin care products

Founded by skilled estheticians and nurse practitioners, COSMEDIX sparked a positive shift in the skin care industry years ago by placing value on overall skin health through strict formulation standards, superior innovation and skin-loving ingredients. Today their skin care products continue to be a top choice of professional skin care experts, dermatologists, estheticians and skin care enthusiasts around the world. Cosmedix skin care formulas feature high concentrations of active ingredients and are created to pair with professional treatments for optimal results.

Clarify Foaming Cleanser

$70.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Benefit Balance

$74.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Benefit Clean

$74.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Clear Mask

$66.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Define

$125.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Defy

$110.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Detox Mask

$90.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix ELITE Eye DR

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Cosmedix ELITE Gentle Clean

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Cosmedix ELITE Pepoxide

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Cosmedix ELITE Refine Rx

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Cosmedix ELITE Serum 24

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Cosmedix ELITE X-Age

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Cosmedix ELITE X-Cell

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Cosmedix Emulsion

$125.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Eye Genius

$129.80 Inc. GST

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