Save Your Skin This Silly Season


Christmas parties, spray tans, casual cocktails with friends, fun in the sun all sound like fun – but not always for your skin. You may find yourself halfway to the end of the year and wonder how you will keep your skin fresh and glowing. Here are our tips and tricks

  1. Stay on track with your skincare routine. Continue to cleanse morning and night – even if you come in after the clock strikes 12!! Not removing your makeup can play havoc on your skin causing breakouts, congestion and dull skin. Remember, your skin works hardest at night while you’re sleeping;
  2. Keep hydrated. This includes water and a good quality moisturiser. The silly season often increases your alcohol consumption leading the ski dehydration. Try a targeted serum for added hydration;
  3. Try to keep stress at bay. For some, this time of the year is stressful, especially considering the year that was COVID-19. Stress increases cortisol levels that can cause havoc on hormones and lead to breakouts and skin conditions such as eczema. Try to minimise it’s impact;
  4. Weekly Exfoliation. The best skin is a prepped skin but if you’ve left your run a little late, at an enzyme exfolliant into your routine once per week. This step will increase cell turnover, improves the absorption of your serums and ensure that your party makeup glides on and sits more smoothly;
  5. Don’t forget your inclinic professional treatments. These don’t need to cause downtime or be time consuming. Simple brightening treatments such as the Blueberry Antioxidant Peel (a superficial brightening peel) or LED treatments can make a difference to how your skin copes with the silly season

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