Taking Care of Your Skin in Isolation

One of the best things to do while you’re in self-isolation is to really up your skincare game. By following some nifty skincare hacks, you can have healthy, glowing skin, even in the midst of the stressful situation we find ourselves in. Keen to know how?
  • Cleanse regularly, TWICE a day (properly) and don’t forget to DOUBLE cleanse at night.  “But I’m home all day and not wearing make-up” I hear you say… Consider that your skin is an organ (because it is!) and it is still functioning the same way every day, as it was before. You will still pick up dirt and pollution on the surface of your skin, so now that you have some extra time, consider adding a pre-cleansing oil to your routine for an extra deep clean.
  • Exfoliate. Now is the time to go that extra mile at home while you can’t get into the clinic. Consider doing an at-home peel (no, we do not mean a grainy exfoliant!), they’re not a replacement for in-clinic treatments, but they will get you through this period of isolation with your glow intact. Look for ingredients like Lactic Acid, Malic Acid or Salicylic Acids and use once a week after cleansing.
  • Hydrate. Not only are you in isolation, but there is a change in season, which means a change in your skin. Change up your moisturiser and add in a hydrating mask. One of our favourites is Societe Peptide Masks, they’re super hydrating AND calming for sensitive skin.
  • Don’t forget your eyes, neck and décolletage area! These are the first areas to show signs of age and the last to be treated. Use a product specific to the eye area in conjunction with an at-home rolling device, to increase collagen production and take your product to the top of your chest.
  • Limit sugar intake. We’re all craving comfort food at the moment but try to stay away from the sweet stuff. Sugar causes premature ageing and feeds acne. Full stop.
  • Don’t forget your SPF! Yes, we know, you’re indoors much of the time these days, but remember, even 5 minutes of sun exposure is damaging your skin! Apply as part of your morning routine and reapply during the day.

If you have skin concerns that you feel need some professional attention while you’re isolating, we’re offering FREE online skin consultations. Simply email us at [email protected] to book in.

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