The Superfoods that Boost Collagen Production & Slow Ageing

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. This couldn’t be more true as we age. While your body is constantly creating new collagen to repair what is damaged, this begins to slow at age 30.

Collagen is the ‘formwork’ of connective tissue that supports the structure of the skin to give us that plump, youthful, glowing skin that we all crave. As we age, sun, pollution, free radicals as well as lifestyle are responsible for the breakdown of collagen.

The good news, in addition to topical home care and inclined treatments we are able to boost collagen production in the skin by the power of food. Here are our favourites;

  • PROTEIN. As collagen is formed from 19 amino acids – the building blocks of protein, adding protein rich foods into your diet improves collagen production as well as aids healing;
  • FISH. Fish such as salmon and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help support the structure of the skin
  • VITAMIN C rich foods. such as citrus fruits, berries and green leafy vegetables help amino acids convert to collagen as well as fight off free radicals that break down collagen;
  • SOY PRODUCTS. contain plant hormones that serves as antioxidants, boosting collagen production as well as block MMP’s – an enzyme that ages skin

If you struggle to incorporate these foods into your diet, we recommend Vita Sol Collagen Peptide Powder. Packed full of marine peptides with no added nasties, this supplement can boost your collagen building abilities in 2 teaspoons per day.

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