Top 8 Tips on How to Age Slowly

Top tips to age slowly
You may not be able to turn back time, but it really is possible to dramatically slow physical and mental ageing and alter the effects of time on your body, by making some (mostly) sensible lifestyle choices. Now, more than ever (hello second lockdown!), it’s so important to take care of your overall wellbeing, and a very happy side effect of that is a younger-looking you!

Here are our top lifestyle choices for slower ageing and beautiful skin:

1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

The best way to slow down ageing is to stay in great shape.

Older people who exercise regularly throughout their lives, tend to have the muscle mass, cholesterol levels, and even immune system function of much younger people and it’s also fantastic for your mental wellbeing too.

2. Eat Whole Foods

Eat Whole Foods

Whole foods boost your body’s supply of nutrients that keep cells healthy, reduce inflammation, and reduce the risk of major chronic diseases associated with age.

Limit your intake of processed foods that contain added sugars, fats, and salt to help prevent inflammation, diabetes and heart disease.

3. Get Enough Protein

Studies show protein is especially important in maintaining muscle mass as we age.

Snack on protein sources like nuts, plain Greek yoghurt, or cottage cheese. You can also add ‘protein-toppers’ to your meals, such as hummus to a sandwich, diced chicken to pasta, or beans to a salad.

4. Spend Time Outdoors

Vitamin D, the ‘sunshine vitamin,’ helps keep your bones strong, and it may also help protect against age-related conditions like heart disease and cancer.

Of course, this doesn’t mean sun-baking (and wear your SPF!). You can also get vitamin D in foods, such as salmon and eggs.

5. Protect Your Skin From The Sun

The sun can cause skin damage, wrinkles and increase the risk for skin cancer—all of which promote internal and external ageing.

Guard against premature skin ageing by covering up with clothing, wearing a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ or higher and seeking shade. Slip, slop slap, seek & slide!

6. Avoid Toxins

Cigarette smoke, excessive alcohol consumption and environmental toxins we’re exposed, speed up the ageing process.

Smoking is particularly damaging, causing internal damage to your genetic code, as well as blood vessels and multiple organ systems.


7. Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is critical as our bodies need water for important functions such as regulating body temperature, maintaining healthy skin and joints, digesting food, and removing waste.

Drink water even when you aren’t thirsty and eat foods with high water content.


8. Get Some Sleep

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason!

When you’re snoozing, your body gets busy repairing cell damage. If you cut your sleep short, you can accelerate the visible and internal signs of ageing and be susceptible to age-related diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes.

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