Products for treating Ageing

Changes in our skin are the most visible signs of ageing. Skin ageing is influenced by many factors including ultraviolet radiation (sun exposure), excess alcohol consumption, smoking, environmental pollution, genetics, stress and poor nutrition. As we age, skin cell turnover slows, skin becomes thinner and starts to lose its elasticity. Skin becomes uneven, showing signs of pigmentation, age spots, lines, enlarged pores, textural changes and wrinkles as well as a sallow appearance.

Cosmedix Purity Clean

$74.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Refine

$99.50 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Emulsion

$125.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Pure Enzymes

$85.00 Inc. GST

Aspect Dr Ultra Light Hydration

$89.00 Inc. GST

Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Serum

$135.00 Inc. GST

Aspect Dr Age Management Kit

$270.00 Inc. GST

Aspect Dr ABC Essential Kit

$199.00 Inc. GST

Societe Calming Relief Balm

$110.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Glow Mask

$90.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Restore Mask

$90.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix ELITE X-Cell

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