Products for treating Pigmentation

Your skin gets its colour from melanin. When pigment cells (melanocytes) become damaged or unhealthy, melanin production is affected. This can cause hyper pigmentation. Hyper pigmentation is a darkening of the skin, with recent studies reporting that uneven skins caused by pigmentation can visually add up to 12 years to our perceived age.

Cosmedix Purity Clean

$74.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Refine

$99.50 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Pure Enzymes

$85.00 Inc. GST

Aspect Dr Age Management Kit

$270.00 Inc. GST

Aspect Dr ABC Essential Kit

$199.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Shineless

$72.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Glow Mask

$90.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix ELITE X-Cell

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Cosmedix Pure C

$85.00 Inc. GST

Infinity Vita-Sol Wholefood Powder

$63.00 Inc. GST

Purity Wholefood Powder

$63.00 Inc. GST

Cosmedix Humidify moisturising cream

Cosmedix Humidify

$139.00 Inc. GST

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