Threadlift – The non-surgical facelift

Threadlift, SilhouetteSoft, non-surgical facelift. There are various names this procedure is known as, yet none of them really capture what Threadlift can achieve, or if it’s suitable for everyone. So, let’s take a minute to answer some common questions we get about this incredible treatment.

Who is Threadlift suitable for?

Threadlift is suitable for someone in their late thirties to early fifties who is starting to see the first stages of their facial features sagging, but has neither the time (there’s a lot of downtime after a facelift) nor the money for a full-blown facelift.

What does Threadlift do?

SilhouetteSoft threads have two jobs. The first is to hold up your sagging facial tissue and the second is to stimulate collagen production under the skin.

During the first 3-6 months, the threads physically hold up your sagging tissue, much like suspension cords hold up a bridge. However, it’s important to note that these threads are NOT PERMANENT and that’s a good thing because permanent threads have had a terrible track record of uncontrolled foreign body reactions, snapping and then requiring surgical intervention. You don’t want that.

As the SilhouetteSoft threads sit under your skin physically holding up your sagging tissue, they also trigger the collagen making cells under the skin to do their job – which is to make more collagen! Eventually, the threads are degraded by the cells in your body, but taking their place is a new collagen ‘scaffold’ that can hold up your facial tissue for up to 18 months after the procedure.

Is Threadlift similar to a facelift?

No! We have to be honest with you here. Threadlift is not as drastic as a facelift. But the good thing about that is – it’s not as drastic as a facelift! This means that the downtime, bruising, recovery and cost of the procedure are a fraction of what’s involved with a facelift. Threadlift is ideal for people who think “if only I could put a piece of tape to just hold up this area a little bit.”

How do the threads get under the skin?

It’s tricky to describe this technique, but simply put, each thread is guided into position with a ‘guide-needle’, similar to how a needle and thread work when sewing. This eliminates the need for any cutting with a scalpel and you’re not left with any scaring.

It sounds painful! Is it?

A Threadlift is done under local anaesthetic and patients are able to walk out of the clinic and resume their regular lives after the procedure. Our patients who have had this treatment have all said that it’s about as painful (or even less painful) than getting regular filler injections.

To find out if Threadlift is right for you, call us, or book a consultation with Dr Bao (he’s in clinic on Thursday’s).

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